how to order

1. You can check our collections at our exhibition booth or our official website and social
2. If you interested, you can give us the Performa Order (PO) to our official contacts.
3. After we received your PO, we will send Performa Invoice to you. It consist of:
a. Down Payment (40% from total order).
b. Volume of the product.
c. Estimated Time Departure (ETD).
4. After that you can pay and do the confirmation for the Down Payment (DP).
5. After the DP confirm, we will start the production.
6. After the production finnished, we will send the products according with ETD.
7. Close after that we will send you the softcopy of documents;
a. V-legal.
b. Bill of lading.
c. Certificate of origin.
d. Certificate of Fumigas
e. Invoice Packing List
8. You can do the balance payment (BP).
9. And finaly Cocoon Asia will send the original documents to you.